Bob and Friends is a live-action/puppetry show and Grant Tache's first puppet show. The characters are Bob, A  turtle named Winston, Elmo The Hipster, George The Bear, Abigail The Bunny, and Blue The Bear. The show

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premiered on November 3, 2013. All characters are performed by Grant Tache.


Bob (performed by Grant Tache) is a human who hosts the show.

Winston The Turtle (performed by Grant Tache) is a turtle who can walk fast than any turtle (it runs in his family) and is Bob and Elmo The Hipster's best friends. He wears a Bow tie

Elmo The Hipster (performed by Grant Tache) is a hipster monster. His design is based off of Elmo from Sesame Street.

George The Bear (performed by Grant Tache) is a teddy bear who wears boots.

Blue The Bear (operated by Grant Tache) is a blue bear who wears a bow tie just like Winston. Blue never talks.

Abigail The Bunny (performed by Grant Tache) is a girl bunny who sleeps alot. She wears a Harley-Davidson leather jacket all the time.

Other charactersEdit

Dog Johnson (voiced by Grant Tache) is a Dog who works for ABC news who Winston interviewed in episode 1. He never moved when he was seen in episode 1 (Dog will possibly move in future episodes).

Lobby Johnson (performed by Grant Tache) is a Dog who works for ABC news who Elmo interviews in episode 1.


Here are episode of Bob and Friends.

Johnson and Johnson (Nov. 3, 2013) Winston and Elmo interview 2 ABC newsman and stuff. Bob Plays A Game (Nov. 4, 2013) Bob plays "SpongeBob's Boating Bash" on his DSi.

American Girl (Nov. 23, 2013) Winston Does a cover of American Girl and forgets the words.

Ode To Joy (Dec. 1, 2013) George parodys Beethoven's Ode To Joy and things get messed up.

Cowboy Play (TBA) Bob, Winston, and Elmo do a cowboy play.

Visual Thinking (TBA) A mix between puppetry and animation. Elmo explains the art of visual thinking to Winston -- and what it does to you when it gets out of control.


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Grant Tache with Bob